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Winterizing Your Koi Pond.wps

Winterizing Your Koi Pond

Winter is coming, and this will be the first Winter that you go concluded with your Koi pond. Think of Winter as a down period for your pond, as less events happen during Winter then any other time. However, there are special precautions that you need to take before Winter arrives, to ensure that your pond and fish survive.

Clean Up - Take about a weekend to completely go over your pond. Clean up and unwanted bulk exceptional in and around your pond. Inside your pond, clean up thorough leaves, slit, and other material from the bottom. Also, remove any plants or flowers that will not make it through the winter. Around the pond, clean up anything that can smash into your pond, due to you are not likely to notice this debris until the end of winter. Taking the time to make sure that as much debris is removed thanks to possible will prevent potentially harmful bacteria and parasites in the future.

Stop Feeding - You must remember to stop feeding your Koi during the winter. When gambol begins and the temperatures hover around 55 to 60 degrees, only feed once a day. Once the temperatures drop below 50 degree for the first life span, stop feeding completely. Even if the temperature goes above 50 degrees, still reframe from feeding your fish. The majority of Koi, when vermeil and the temperature is above 50 degrees, take at least four days to completely digest food. If you mistakenly feed your fish to late the food will not digest and will end increasing killing your fish. Do not mistake you Koi as hungry when they open to their mouths to you. This is more of a learned reflex then hunger. If you are concerned about not feeding them, remember that fish eat other things besides the food you provide them, especially if your pond contains a large amount of natural plant life. If they are at all hungry and you are not feeding them, they will fill up on this.

Check Up - Do you seasonal check up on uncut your equipment. This includes everything from your filtration system to your store of preventable medications. Since the majority of ponds in the world lie dormant during the Winter, you are less likely to be able to find the products you need. Make sure your emergency kit is lickety-split and up to date, which should include medications, bags, nets, and your water testing kits.

Prepare For Cold Weather - Prepare for cold weather by investing in the items you will need during the summer. Koi have been known to withstand constant temperatures as low 39 degrees, and temperatures slightly lower then 39 degrees, for short periods of time. When buying a heater, revive to research what size you will the urge to adequately heat your pond during the winter, otherwise ice will still form, causing potentially dangerous amounts of gas in the water, due to it being trapped under the ice. In uttermost events, it may be a good idea to have an emergency tank inside available.

Turn Off Integrated Water Sources - In colder temperatures, your heater will be action hard to maintain a water temperature suitable enough to keep your fish alive. If you keep water features such as waterfalls, streams, or constant moving fountains, make sure to turn them poison during Winter. These features will circulate water, and constantly bring new, and cold water game your pond. With these switched off, the only water that your heater will be incumbent for is the standing water in your pond.




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