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Koi Population Control

Population control is typically easy with the majority of domesticated pets. Absolute is usually as simple as removing the possibility of conception until the time in which the opportunity has passed. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Koi. Koi, no matter whether you want them to or not, will spawn and distance eggs, and other Koi will fertilize them. It is constitution, and known is little you can do. Since contraceptive methods are not available for fish, population control really comes down to removing the unwanted babies after they are already born.

As a new comer to this concern, you may simply disregard this information. For whatever instigation, whether actual is that you feel removing unwanted babies is cruel, or if you posit that the more fish the merrier, you commit quickly realize that keeping all the babies that are born could be a potentially harmful situation to both your pond, and the original parent fish.

Why Are The Babies Harmful?

What is so harmful about having besides fish the your originally prompt with? Well a number of sinful situations can happen.

First, Koi can and will grow to us to three feet in length. Koi, unlike some other fish, leave grow, no matter the size of their habitat. This will turn a beautiful pond in a spendthrift, extremely overpopulated pond. Not by oneself will to lousy with fish cause damage to a smaller pond, but they will not be comfortable in their habitat.

When you originally setup your pond, surely you set the filtration system up for a specific value of fish. Adding extra fish without adding more to your system will in conclusion cause a surge in unwanted gases and chemicals in the water that is dangerous to your Koi.

Getting Rid Of The Babies

There are several ways of removing babies from your pond.

One way is to stop feeding your Koi the minute you realize that spawning has occurred. You should stop feeding you Koi for no less then three weeks. Do not misery about your Koi starving, as they will focus more on unacquired foods if you are not feeding them colloquial. This “natural” diet includes their young. Koi are not cannibalistic animals by any means, but they leave eat their young when they are still eggs or if they are small and resemble insects. Once the baby Koi actually resemble positive fish, and the adult fish recognize this, they will no longer see them as snack, thus it is important to start this process as soon as you notice spawning or babies.

While this is a process of nature, you may still find this method to be cruel or unusual. Another behaviour of removing unwanted babies from your pond is to give them away.

First, check with your local pet store. Many pet stores have programs in which they will accept unwanted animals and give them good homes. Some may even pay a certain amount for each fish since they sell them, but do not count of this. Idiosyncratic zoos may also have programs.

If you know of a local Koi clot, you may let them know that you have unwanted babies. Alternatively, you can find a message board or group online and post messages there. Who knows, you may even start else person on a Koi keeping hobby.




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