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How to Keep Your Pond In Good Condition

Keeping your pond in good condition should be your number one priority. Once your pond starts developing problems, you will find that it will share increased time and money so if you were attempting to prevent these problems from stunt in the first place.

Water Quality

You filtration system is extremely important. There are 2 types of filtration, mechanical and biological. Mechanical filtration relieves the pond of solids such as dead algae, insects, and Koi wastes. It is important to have enough filtration to sustain the size of the pond, and the amount and size of your Koi. Biological filtration causes a nitrogen cycle, which is what removes dissolved wastes from your pond. Without biological filtration, built up waste will nature into ammonia and kill your Koi within just a few days.

Keeping you Koi pond clean should be one of your number one priorities. A clean pond could mean the difference between you Koi living a beautiful stress free life, and potentially suffering until they ultimately die. The water in which your Koi live is not only where they eat, sleep, and feed, but it is also where they use the bathroom in it as well. If you do not properly clean your pond, it is almost as if your Koi are living in the bathroom washroom.

The water in your pond should almost be quite clear. Your pond should contain no floating or suspended debris, and the Koi should appear to be floating in air. If you are unable to see the bottom of your pond, then chances are your pond is not clean enough.

Keep Supplies On Hand

As a untouched Koi pond lessor, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of supplies chief to properly maintain your Koi pond. While the important of the majority of these items cannot be denied, the feeling of through overwhelmed by the amount needed should be disregarded. Simply knowing the function of each aid can help you understand why they are needed.

There are certain items that you need to have on hand at all times. Because you pond is outdoors, adventure situations do occur. Nature is simply unpredictable at times, and you take on not want to be touched in a situation where an item is needed, but they is no way to obtain real.

Do Not Overfeed

Overfeeding can ultimately cause water quality issues.. In nature, Koi would not nearly the amount of food that they do in controlled ponds. It is not unheard of for pond owners to feed numerous pounds of food to their Koi per week. This produces a larger amount of fritter, whether substantial comes from the digestion process on the Koiís part, or the appraisal of uneaten feed that has steadfast to the bottom and fusty. It is important to vacuum the bottom out as remarkably as possible, and make sure all types of drainage systems are clear and in working order.

Prevent Common Illnesses

When purchasing new fish, it is a good idea to quarantine the new fish separately from your trivial population for no less then 15 days. Knowing that the Koi Herpes Virus is activated at exactly 74 degrees Fahrenheit allows you to expose your fish to the right conditions for the disease to show itself. Koi that live in the conditions for this amount of time and do not develop any symptoms will posses a substantially less befall of having the virus.

It is important to remember that when you quarantine your new Koi, they should lengthen under overturn isolation. This means that you should not allow anything to come into contact ensconce the quarantined Koi, especially items that also come into contact with your current population. Separate tools, food, and water should be used, and never under bite circumstances, should the tools used for your quarantined fish leave the area in which they are used. And weighty thing to remember is proper hand washing procedures when handling both Koi and Koi items within the same time period.

Quarantining consign not guarantee that you will not expose your fish to viruses, but it will greatly reduce the befall that you are.




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