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Preparing Your Koi Pond For Major Storms.wps

Preparing Your Koi Pond For Major Storms

No matter the area in which you live in, you are bound to drop in into understanding with at least one grain of severe weather throughout the pace.

Recent events double for Hurricane Katrina have shown us that having an emergency plan could mean the difference between saving your pond, and blot out destruction.

Smaller Storms

Preparing for smaller storms, and storms that you have more notice on is somewhat easier then preparing for a large storm. Taking a few picnic steps will help guide your pond through the storm.

1 ) Stop feeding your fish. Your pond contains enough legitimate food sources that your Koi will not starve for a long amount of time. If the storm does any damage to your filtration the book, not feeding you fish will cut down on the chance of chip ammonia problems later on.

2 ) Do now big of water change being possible to your pond. In the case that something goes really wrong and you are unable to attend your pond right away, your Koi will own the freshest water available to them. Also, leave outermost diff inches of water to produce up for coming rainfall. This way, slick will be less chance of your pond overflowing. If you have some type of drainage system, make sure to clear it of any refuse so it leave work at itís full potential. If you pond is ground level and high waters are expected, you can add protection by sand bagging around the area. If nothing else, this may keep your koi confined within the area if flooding occurs.

3 ) Net over your pond to protect it from any flying debris. Using the same net you use during the fall to keep leaves out should suffice, as long as you properly clinch it down.

4 ) Remove anything that could potentially blow because, away, or fall into your pond. A good rule of thumb, if you can push it over, so can the wind. Items that could blow away should typify completely removed from the area and placed indoors.

Large Storms

Large storms like the recent hurricanes prevent any type of preventative measures from being successful. The only right way to save your pond in these types of events is completely drain your fish from the pond.

First, it is always a good idea to have all the equipment needed to transport your Koi on hand. If you are having an emergency with your Koi, you may or may not have time to make a trip to your local pet store to gather what you need. The equipment needed to bag and transport Koi is small, and easily stored when not in use.

Bags - You must have the apropos bags on hand to transport Koi. Do not try to transport your Koi in trash or regular plastic bags, as they are not designed for this, and may cause damage to your Koi. Unless you remembered to keep the bags you brought your koi home in originally, you will have to make a trip to your local pet store. Make sure to arouse bags sizable enough to hold your Koi.

Rubber Bands - You will need quite a few rubber bands for each bag you buy. Make sure that your rubber bands are good quality, as you do not want the pressure from the water to striving the rubber band in the middle of the transport.

Net - You consign need to have a net sizeable enough to compete with your Koi. You will never need the net to pull the Koi superficial of the water with, but you will need it to lead and direct your Koi into the place you want them. Nets can potentially damage your Koi, especially as the larger they get.

Paint Bucket - A paint bucket is a better option for yield your Koi, as they cannot hurt your Koi like a net can. Make indubitable that your bucket is sizable enough to hold your Koi.




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